Instructions and Demonstration for MicroRNA Search and Order ing


You can search and order MCLAB microRNA constructs & detections through our MicroRNA Order Search Form. Please see

below for a demonstration of the form.


Part One:Search

I.If you just click the "Search" button, then you will receive all the microRNA records in our library.

II.If you want to reduce your results by Chromosome ,then click checkbox"Search Scope" and pick your chromosome.


III.If you are not sure which chromosome your microRNA is on,you can use the "Fuzzy Query" feature.Simply input any infomation you can remember, you will receive results that are simlar to the ones below..


IV.Of course,you can use both filters to further reduce your search results.


Part Two:Order

I.You can also order directly from this form, To do so,check the products you want to order and input your quantity,and click "QucikOrder"


II.Furthermore,you can order a single product by click the item in "Product Detail & Order" .


1.   By clicking on your results in "mirBase ID" ,you will get infomation on predicting of microRNA targets.

2.   By clicking on your results in "Precure Seq ID" ,you will get microRNA infomation from

3.   By clicking on your results in "Mature Seq ID" ,you will get infomation about mature sequence of your selection.