1. What are the steps to use MCLAB DNA sequencing service?

  1. Create your online account: You will use this account to download your sequence data.
  2. Place your order: You need to submit both your order form and samples to MCLAB.
  3. Process your order: MCLAB will process your order after receiving your samples and order form. Your sequence data will be saved in your online account and an email notification will be sent to you immediately when the data are ready.
  4. Download your data: You can download your sequence data after receiving the email notification.

2. Why is it important to use MCLAB’s standard order form?

MCLAB’s standard order form lists the minimum information required to process your orders. For example, MCLAB will copy and paste the DNA template/primer names to the ABI sequencers to associate the result files with the template/primer names. It is required to use MCLAB’s order form, fill it out completely and send it to MCLAB when placing your order.

3. Frequently asked questions about transgenic service.

—- How much sequence do you need of the transgene?

Please send us the sequence and map of the transgenic construct to us via email.

—-How much DNA do you need and at what concentration?

5 ug high purity and quality genomic DNA

—-How long does this process take to get back sequence?

Takes about 2-5 weeks depending on the number of integration sites

—-What kind of guarantee there is that this process?

We guarantee to get the integration site on the chromosome by the detail loci, if not, we charge 60% of the service fee in case we fail.

—-How to prepare samples?

You could prepare samples using any DNA extraction kit. You need to provide us with the information. The integrated gene you confirmed by any methods, such as FISH, PCR, Southerblotting, et al.
We also need you to send us the full transgenic construct sequences via email.

—-How and where to ship to?

You could ship the gDNA by O/N courier via wet ice or dry ice. Please label the sample name, concentration, and amount on your tube.

4. Do you accept and pick up sequencing orders on holiday?

We are open every day except these days below:

Holiday Observed Date(s)
New Year’s Day 1/1/2021
Memorial Day 5/31/2021
Independence Day 7/5/2021
Labor Day 9/6/2021
Thanksgiving 11/25/2021,11/26/2021
Christmas 12/25/2021