Glutathione Agarose for GST-tagged Cartridges


Glutathione S-transferase (GST) gene fusion systems have been widely used for obtaining large amounts of desirable protein in Escherichia coli.

GAB-CC1x5 5 x 1ml Glutathione Agarose chromatography cartridge ¥1,416.00
GAB-CC5x1 1 x 5ml Glutathione Agarose chromatography cartridge ¥1,178.00
GAB-CC5x5 5 x 5ml Glutathione Agarose chromatography cartridge ¥4,747.00



Glutathione Agarose CL-6B is based on highly cross-linked agarose 6% beads which have structural characteristics that result in superb physical strength, excellent flow properties, low backpressure, and an open pore structure. Glutathione Agarose CL-6B allows operation at very high flow rates, resulting in increased throughput and rapid column cleaning between chromatography runs.


Chromatography technique GST-tagged protein purification
Matrix Highly cross-linked 6% beaded agarose
Active group Glutathione
Active group density >40 umol/ml drained medium
Spacer 1,4-bis(2,3-epoxypropoxy)butane (12 atom stable and uncharged ether hydrophilic linkage)
Bead geometry & size Spherical 50 to 150 um
Bead mean diameter d50v 90 um
Linear flow velocity <75 cm/h at 25 degC, HR 16/10 column, 5 cm bed height
Recommended linear flow rate <30 cm/h
Pressure/flow specification Base matrix 100-200 cm/h, pressure drop cm H2O/bed height = 15, bed height 10 cm, 5 cm i.d.
1ml Cartridge bed dimensions 7×25 mm
1ml Cartridge bed height 25 mm
1ml Cartridge bed volume 1 ml
1ml Cartridge column I.D 7 mm
5ml Cartridge bed dimensions 16×25 mm
5ml Cartridge bed height  25 mm
5ml Cartridge bed volume 5 ml
5ml Cartridge column I.D 16 mm
Maximum cartridge flow rate 5 ml/min (1 ml cartridge) or 20 ml/min (5ml cartridge)
Recommended cartridge flow rate 1 ml/min (1 ml cartridge) or 5 ml/min (5 ml cartridge)
Maximum pressure during operation 5 bar [0.5 MPa] (70 psi)
pH Stability working range 3 to 13
pH Stability cleaning in place (cip) 2 to 14
Chemical stability Stable to commonly used aqueous solutions. Can be used with non-ionic detergents, denaturing solvents, e.g. 8 M urea and 6 M guanidine hydrochloride, Stable in organic solvents, e.g. 50% methylformamide and 50% dioxane.
Storage 2 to 8 degC



5 x 1ml Glutathione Agarose chromatography cartridge, 1 x 5ml Glutathione Agarose chromatography cartridge, 5 x 5ml Glutathione Agarose chromatography cartridge

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