NanoPOP™ Polymers


Same performance as the original POP-polymers from ABI. DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis matrix for ABI Genetic Analyzer, 310, 3100/3100-advant, 3130/3130xl and 3730/3730xl.
NP4-100 NanoPOP-4™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml) ¥2,400.00
NP4-102 NanoPO-P™4 (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 28ml) ¥9,000.00
NP7-100 NanoPOP-7™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml) ¥1,308.62
NP7-300 NanoPOP-7™ (3130/3130XL, 3730/3730XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 28ml) ¥3,085.00
NP7-301 NanoPOP-7™ (3730/3730XL, 3730/3730XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10x28ml) ¥26,222.50


NanoPOP-4TM, NanoPOP-6TM, and NanoPOP-7TM are separation matrixes formulated from nanoparticles based on MCLAB’s “Block Copolymer Technology” chemistry. The new matrixes have better coating and separating abilities. They are designed for ABI Genetic Analyzers with different applications. Customers can use their current run modules and protocols without any change. New spectral calibration is not needed.

NanoPOP-4TM: denaturing DNA fragment analysis such as microsatellite and SNP genotyping
NanoPOP-6TM: standard and rapid DNA sequencing
NanoPOP-7TM: DNA sequencing and fragment analysis

Size 5ml, for 310/3100, 3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzer Accessories.
Size 10ml, for 3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzer Accessories.
Size 10ml, for 310/3100 Genetic Analyzer Accessories.
Size 28ml, for 310/3100, 3130/3130XL, 3730/3730XL Genetic Analyzer Accessories.

Used With:
NanoPOP4 is used with CE 10X Running Buffer.
NanoPOP6, NanoPOP7 are used with NanoPOP 10X Running Buffer.

1. NanoPOP-7TM vs POP-7TM: near 100 bp

2. NanoPOP-7TM vs POP-7TM: near 500 bp

3. NanoPOP-7TM vs POP-7TM: near 800 bp

4. Alignment

5. Raw Data

Recommended Storage Conditions: 4°C to 8°C



NanoPOP-4™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml), NanoPOP-4™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10ml), NanoPO-P™4 (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 28ml), NanoPOP-™4 (310/3100 Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml), NanoPOP-™4™ (310/3100 Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10ml), NanoPOP-4™ (310/3100 Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 28ml), NanoPOP-6™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml), NanoPOP-6™ (3130/3130XL, 3100 Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10ml), NanoPOP-6™ (310/3100 Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml), NanoPOP-6™ (310/3100 Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10ml), NanoPOP-7™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 5ml), NanoPOP-7™ (3130/3130XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10ml), NanoPOP-7™ (3130/3130XL, 3730/3730XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 28ml), NanoPOP-7™ (3730/3730XL, 3730/3730XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 10x28ml), NanoPOP-7™ (3730/3730XL, 3730/3730XL Genetic Analyzers(ABI), 30 x 28ml)

COA ( Certificate of Analysis )


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NanoPOP polymers wil save you over 50% without compromise!

  • Same performance as the original POP-polymers from ABI
  • No need for spectral calibration or change in run modules
  • Highly improved (on instrument) stability and shelf life
  • Much better price!