BSAI-100 2,000 units (100 U/ul) ¥1,177.79
BSAI-200 5,000 units (100 U/ul) ¥2,367.44
BSAI-300 1,000,000 units (100 U/ul) ¥237,930.00
BSAI-400 10,000,000 units (100 U/ul) ¥1,189,650.00
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An E. coli strain that carries the BsaI gene from  Bacillus stearothermophilus

Unit Definition
One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to digest 1 µg of pXba DNA in 1 hour at 37°C in a total reaction volume of 50 µl.

Reaction Condition
1X BsaI Buffer at 37°C

10x BsaI Buffer:
100 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.5 at 37°C)
100 mM MgCl2
1 M KCl
1 mg/ml BSA

Storage Buffer:

10 mM Tris-HCl
300 mM NaCl
1 mM DTT
0.1 mM EDTA
500 μg/ml BSA
50% Glycerol
pH 7.4 @ 25°C

Heat Inactivation

65°C for 20 min

Typical ligation/recut assay result:
More than 95% of the DNA fragments can be ligated after a 10-fold over-digestion of pXba DNA with BsaI, and more than 95% of these DNA fragments can be recut with BsaI.

Recommended storage condition: -20°C

Blocked by overlapping dcm methylation. Cleavage of mammalian genomic DNA is blocked by some combinations of overlapping CpG methylation. Activity at 50°C is 100%.



2,000 units (100 U/ul), 5,000 units (100 U/ul), 1,000,000 units (100 U/ul), 10,000,000 units (100 U/ul), Any Size

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